You Play an Agent of the SMASH Agency! You Choose your self an agent name, upon starting the game, the game runs on unique ID Names, so no two agents can have the exact same name!

Upon starting the game you are given a basic run through of the game, and added help can be found by tapping the Question Mark "?" in the top right of your screen!

Your character is the main character of the story; you are creating monsters to reek havoc upon the cities in various Zones. They are represented by an Avatar, your unlocked avatars can be found by clicking your current avatar in the top left of you screen and then clicking the avatar in your profile that pops up!

You can join a Faction with other Agents, This will give you access to the Faction Chat, and the ability to contribute towards Faction Missions, Charms & Aiding your fellow agents in speeding up research, monster cool downs and Experiments!

Your Level, and what it means!

Level Up
Every time you attack a city (be it through Conquest, the Boss Zone, the Challenge Zone or a Rival Attack), your character will gain Experience Points (XP). The more XP your character has, the higher level they will become. Some aspects of the game are locked until your character reaches a specific level.

You will gain your full energy Energy count, added on to any energy you have already, every time your character gains a new level. Some levels unlock important progression rewards, such as extra districts for your city!

After the initial unlocks in the early part of the game, level then becomes an indication of a players length of time & commitment to the game, as with all games with a leveling system, to some its a useless number and to others its a trophy in its self!

Level Unlocks XP Required for Next Level
4 350px
6 3rd District
9 Level 9 - New District
10 80pxAccess Epic Monster Creation

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