The World Chat is a chat that is open to all players.

To get to the chat, tap on the field at the very bottom of the screen, underneath the bottom menu. This field usually displays the last message that was posted, with the Avatar, Username and Faction Code (if they belong to a Faction) of the person that posted it.



The World Chat is moderated by the Developers.

This is a list of general dos and don'ts when posting in the World Chat (some of the don'ts will get you silenced by the Developers for 1 - 24 hours).


  • Ask questions if you need help with the game
  • Answer people that ask for help (so long as they do so without doing any of the "don'ts" below)
  • Keep it friendly


  • Don't post messages in caps
  • Don't spam Emojis (ie. Post a block of nothing but Emojis)
  • Don't use profanity (kids play this game too)
  • Don't use pejorative for race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or any other minority groups
  • Don't ask people their age, gender nor location (this is not a dating site and doing this is a breach of the game's tos)


Sometimes SMASH will come into the World Chat and hold a trivia test. The participants will usually be rewarded with Dark Matter.

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