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The SMASH Monsters Wiki, like the monsters it contains, is constantly evolving. Contributing to this Wiki is SUPER easy. If you can edit a Document using Microsoft's Word, you can edit this Wiki.

Just go to the page you wish to edit and click on the Edit button, and you'll see a toolbar that will help you format the content.

If you can't get it to do what you need to do, check out Razorgirl's Wiki Code 101 tutorial on basic Wiki code. If you still need help, leave a message on the Wall of an Admin or someone that has made an edit to the Wiki recently (you'll see a list on the right under "Recent Activity) and someone will do their best to help you out.

Images are in the process of being uploaded.
Please DO NOT upload screen captures.
Please consult the Image Guidelines BEFORE you add your image(s) to this Wiki. 


Links in red are pages that are missing. Please feel free to add them by using the appropriate template via Create a New Page.


The following pages should be created to help guide contributor's work. Links in orange have been created.

  • Style Guide - a page that details exactly how everything should be formatted
  • Glossary - if you know of a term that is used a lot in the game (or the World Chat, or this Wiki) and it's not listed on this page, please add it.
  • Badges - this page should include information about what Badges are and how people can earn them
    • Badges should be customised with relevant images (only Admins can do this)
  • Navigation Bars - A design needs to be created and then all nav bars should conform to that design. These will help people to navigate from one page to another

Missing Pages

The following is a list of pages that have been identified as pages that should be added to the Wiki ASAP. Use the templates on Create a New Page to create any of the pages below that have a red link. An orange link means that the page has been added to the Wiki:



Legendary Monsters

  • Anubis
    • Fire Anubis
    • Ice Anubis
    • Poison Anubis
  • Barf
    • Fire Barf
    • Ice Barf
    • Poison Barf
  • Mogu
    • Fire Mogu
    • Ice Mogu
    • Poison Mogu
  • Salty
    • Fire Salty
    • Ice Salty
    • Poison Salty

The following monster names are unknown and don't have pages yet. If you have one of these monsters, please make a new page for it via Create a New Page, and contact Pashlik if the Images for the Monster don't appear.

X-Mas Barfs

  • Silver Fire Holiday Barf
  • Silver Poison Holiday Barf
  • Silver Ice Holiday Barf
  • Gold Poison Holiday Barf
  • Platinum Fire Holiday Barf
  • Platinum Poison Holiday Barf
  • Platinum Ice Holiday Barf

X-Mas Maximus

  • Silver Fire Holiday Maximus
  • Silver Poison Holiday Maximus
  • Silver Ice Holiday Maximus
  • Gold Fire Holiday Maximus
  • Gold Poison Holiday Maximus
  • Gold Ice Holiday Maximus
  • Platinum Poison Holiday Maximus

X-Mas Mogu

  • Silver Poison Holiday Mogu
  • Silver Ice Holiday Mogu
  • Gold Poison Holiday Mogu
  • Gold Ice Holiday Mogu
  • Platinum Fire Holiday Mogu
  • Platinum Poison Holiday Mogu


Pashlik is adding images for all the Monsters, Skills, Status Effects, Buildings, Bosses, Emblems, and Avatars to the Wiki.

Please DO NOT upload screen captures of images. The image you want will be added in good time. If there is an image that you absolutely need and you believe that it should be given priority, contact an Admin and ask them to consider giving your requested image a bump in priority.


A category has been created to tag pages that are Missing Skill Description. If you see a page that is missing a skill description, or a blurb about the subject the page is about, please add this category to that page so that it will be automatically listed below.

If you have added the last image that you feel needs to be added to a page, please remove this category from the page so that it will no longer be listed below.

Pages that have been identified as missing Skill Descriptions are:

Category Missing Skill Description not found

Missing Stats

The following monster advancement stats are needed to fill out the advancement tables for these rarities.

  • Uncommon Nuke 30-40
  • Uncommon Support 30-40
  • Uncommon Tank 30-40
  • Rare/Platinum Nuke 30-40

Pages that are missing Stats include:

Missing Content

Some pages are missing an introduction, Stutus Effects, Speed, or other data. Pages that have been identified as missing content are:

Category Missing Content not found