Join us!

Hey, we're a small faction looking to become a big one, leading with the top factions! We know that you can get high in the rankings alone, but it's a lot easier with a big, dedicated faction!


Emblem - Orange Swirl

Waffle's Back was a recently created faction. It was created by Amygdala517 when he first began playing in May 2016.


Waffle's Back has yet to win an award. Help us out!

Highest Rank: #1076


Waffle's Back has yet to ally with any factions, but that could change soon!


Well, our faction is open to anyone that's willing to join and dedicate some free time to making it better, but you will be kicked if you're disrespectful or you aren't doing anything to contribute. So come on! Help us out

Looking for active, dedicated players. Apply to Amygdala517 within the game if you have what it takes.

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