United We Stand, Divided We Fall

-All The UWS Family
Emblem - Purple Triangle Roundel


United We Stand was one of the funniest factions created in the game. It was created by Anthony31 and Ethanboi1 when factions were added to the game in February 2015.

The Faction originated from [OFC] Odd Future Clan made by Ethanboi1, however people got inactive, so it disbanded and made two factions: Royal Flush and United We Stand.

Highest Rank.

United We Stand has won the following awards...

Highest Rank: #15


The United We Stand family consists of these factions:

Tag Name Rank Owner SMASH MedalTo Join Status Created
Emblem - Purple Triangle Roundel
UWS United We Stand 29 Anthony31 2500 Main Faction February, 2015
Emblem - Purple Triangle Roundel
UWS United We Smash 87 Vedrockerxxx 1800 Subfaction
Emblem - Purple Triangle Roundel
UWS United We Strike 125 Hardplace 1500 Subfaction April, 2015
Emblem - Purple Triangle Roundel
UWS United We Soar 56 Skydancer123 1800 Secondary Faction April, 2015

Note: A study of United We Stand members showed that typical weekly medal growth was over 300 medals per week

Join the Family

Membership to United We Stand is closed, however our Sub-Factions are recruiting. Apply to any leader of the Factions above within the game if you wish to join the UWS family, then when we have a space will might invite YOU!

Looking for active, dedicated players. Apply to the UWS family within the game if you have what it takes.

Faction Guidelines

To promote fairness to all UWS members and the growth off all UWS factions, the following guidelines have been established.

Recruiting: Main Faction(s) recruit eligible members from Sub Factions first. Members of Sub Factions must meet all of the requirements of the applicable Main Faction to be eligible to join that faction. If there are no eligible Sub Faction members, then recruiting is opened to the general community.

Sub Faction Promotion: Sub Factions can be promoted to Main Faction status when all 25 members have at least 2000 medals.

Member Activity: Members in all UWS factions are expected to be active. If for any reason a period inactivity is expected, please communicate to the appropriate faction owner so that exceptions to the member activity guildlines can be made. Any member that has been removed from an UWS faction have the right to join a Sub Faction. If the member was removed from a Main Faction then they can be again be moved to a Main Faction with priority. Activity is monitored in three ways:

  1. The Battled Time displayed under each member's name and level on the in-game faction page
  2. Medal Growth Tracking
  3. Minimum Medal Limit

Battled Time: Any member who has not Battled within the last 7 days is subject to immediate removal. Note: Rival battles are required to reset the Battled timer. Conquer, Boss, and Blob Challenges do not reset the Battled timer and do not count towards member activity.

Medal Growth Tracking: Medal counts are tracked on a weekly basis. Members are expected to gain medals equal to the Medal Growth amount each week, on average for the last 4 weeks. Any member who does not gain the required amount of medals is subject to immediate removal. With a Medal Growth requirement of 100 per week the following scenarios can exist:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Average Status
50 25 300 250 156.25 OK
400 25 0 0 106.25 OK
100 100 120 60 95 NOT OK

Minimum Medal Limit: To promote growth, each faction has a minimum medal limit which is raised periodically. When factions are new, it is common for the required Medals To Join limit to be higher than the Minimum Medal Limit. As time passes, the Minimum Medal Limit and Medals To Join values may become equal, and increase at the same rate. The amount of medals and the time frame in which the limit is increased varies by faction. Members who fall below the Minimum Medal Limit are subject to immediate removal.

All UWS members are valuable to us, and Members who can not keep up with the Medal Growth or Minimum Medal Limit are encouraged to join a Sub Faction with lower requirements, or to start their own Sub Faction.

United We Stand Members



27/08/15 2/09/15 Wk. GrowthAvg Growth
Owner Anthony317629
Admin Pashlik6588
Admin Ethanboi13590

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