Levelling monsters is the only way to get anywhere within Smash Monsters!

The current level of monsters in the game vary from 1-70, and with 4 Star Ratings.

  • Silver Monsters Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver Star Level 1-40
  • Gold Monsters Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star 1-40
  • Platinum Monsters Platinum StarPlatinum StarPlatinum StarPlatinum StarPlatinum Star 1-40
  • Legendary Monsters Leg Star2Leg Star2Leg Star2 40-70

  • Silvers CAN NOT Be upgraded to another star level
  • Golds, Can be upgraded to platinum star level, though this is not reccomended.
  • Platinum upgrade to Legendary

Levelling Your Monsters

There are 3 Simple ways to gain experience for your monsters.

  • Rival/Conquer Battles
  • Feeding your Monster
  • Putting Monsters into lab experiments

While battling offers experience points, this is not the best way to effectively level up monsters, regardless of what players may say, this is only really good for your most used team, that isn't capped at 70, Persoanlly I level up a duplicate monster when I'm really enjoying a team, so when the orginal hits maximum level (Legendary 3 Star, Level 70) I can use the dupe and still gain Experinece points.

Duplication Experience levelling

Feeding your monsters Blobs are a great and quick way to level up, while this is the quickest way, it's not the cheapest, depending on the star level of the monster, depends on the cost per blob fed.

Putting monsters into lab experiments, is a great way to background level monsters, when your not trying to level a specific monster, and just want to level overall, upto, 15 monsters at a time, while also gaining gold, DNA and lab materials! Win, win!

General Transforming Guide

Transforming Golds to Platinum

Transforming golds to platinum level is possible, but its not cost effective at all, and I would rarely recommend doing this, although, with the introduction of Power Stones Df resource 13 2x, and the Power Creator has made Gold to Platinum a little more viable, and much cheaper on the Element X Element X Spending, its still heavy on the Gold Spending.

For Upgrading you will need to level 4 Monsters, of the Same Element, to Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star 5 Stars, One monster will need to be 40/40, while the other 3 can be 30/40.

Transforming Platinum to Legend

Transforming Legends

Effectively Flipping Monsters

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