This is a low level resource building. It is one from Geneva . If you have it and no other building is better it is an easy upgrade to max level does not cost much.

Spit Lab
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File:Stars Bronze 3.png
Element Ice
Type Resource
Zone Geneva
Levels 21-25
Health 778-
Production 900- /hr
Cap 7200-
Build cost 37,000
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Low Producer, High Cap

You can obtain this building through the following means:

  • Possible Reward when you defeat a Geneva
  • Possible Reward when you defeat Bubbles boss
  • Defeat a Rival that has this building in there city
Lvl Health Gold


Cap Sale






21 778 860 6880 9000 37,000
22 827 900 7200 10,000 46,000
23 880 940 7520 10,000 56,000
24 939 970 7760 11,000 66,000
25 1005 1000 8000 Max 77,000

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