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Once you have defeated Roz you can return to her city in Grimalkins to pillage it.

Cost: 3 Energy


District 1 of __

  • 1x ________ (Defense Name)
  • 2x ________ (Defense Name)

District 2 of __

  • 1x ________ (Defense Name)
  • 2x ________ (Defense Name)

Hints and Tips

  • You can defeat Roz with three Level __ Monsters


If you successfully pillage Roz's City, you will be rewarded with...

  • 1,678 Gold
  • 100 XP for your character
  • 883 XP for your Monsters

You will also have a chance to receive one or more of the following...


If you fail to pillage Roz's City, you will gain a consolation of...

  • __ - __ Gold (depends on how many buildings you destroy before you are defeated)
  • __ - __ XP for your character
  • __ XP for your Monsters

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