Rivals is the User Interface (UI) where you can attack other players in the game to win SMASH Medals and Gold!

But be careful: everyone that you attack can seek Revenge and attack you back!

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Attacking Other Players

To attack another player, go to the Rivals UI. There you will see a list of random targets, along with their City's Defense Rating, as well as how much Gold you will get if your attack is victorious.

Cost: 2-8 Energy (two energy for each district the player owns)

Note: your rivals appear to be based on medal count.

You do not have unlimited time to make an atttack against a Rival. If your fight takes too long, you will be pushed back to the Monster Selection screen, minus the Energy you spent to make the first attack.

If your Rival collects their Gold after you have initated an attack, the gold that you win will be based on whatever is left after they collected their Gold.


See full article: Leagues

In May 2015, A Thinking Ape introduced Leagues into the game.

Every time you successfully attack a Rival, you will gain a bonus amount of Gold in addition to the Gold that your target has uncollected once the fight is concluded. The amount you receive is determined by which League you are in. The League you are in is determined by the number of SMASH Medals you have.

At the end of a Season (48 hrs) all players will receive the Season Rewards for their League.


When someone else attacks you, you can attack them back.

Cost: 2 Energy

You cannot make a Revenge Attack against someone that made a Revenge Attack against you.

You also have a limited amount of time to make a revenge attack.

Targeted Attacks

You can make a Targeted Attack by going to someone's profile, either by tapping on their name in the World Chat or on a Wall, or by looking them up in Player Search.

Cost: 1 - 100 Energy

The cost to attack a player via this method varies, depending on the difference between the number of Medals you and your target player have.

Eg. It would cost 33 Energy for a Player with 12,000 Medals to attack a player with 1500 Medals (and vice versa).


Smash Medals determine leaderbaord placement. Each agent starts out with 1000 medals.

When you succesfully destroy a rival city you will recieve Smash Medals as a reward, which are tacken directly from the rivals medal count. If you lose a battle, the opposite occurs: you will lose medals and your rival will gain the same amount.

The quantity of medals exchanged is dependant on both players medal counts. Attacking a player around or above your current medal count will yeild +/-15 medals. The system is different when players with a large gap in medal counts are involved. If a high ranked player wins an attack against a low ranked player, the medal reward will be less than 15. However, if the attack is failed, the higher ranked player will lose 15 medals to the lower ranked one. This system is intended to encourage players to attack more powerful players and not simply farm the weak.

Minimum Medal Count

There appears to be a minimum medal count:

Minimum_Medals= 900+(10 X current_player_level)
e.g. a lvl 23 agent would not be able to fall below 1130 medals

This system prevents higher level players from dropping too far in rank. When an agent who has reached this medal floor loses an attack, that agents medal count will not fall any lower (however, the rival will still recieve the appropriate number of medals).

Note: increasing your level will not increase your medal count; it will only increase your minimum medal count.


A shield prevents a player's city from being attacked by others for 2 hours, with the exception of the 24 hour shield present when an account is first established. 

If a player is in possession of a shield and decides to attack a rival before the shield expires, then the shield will be taken down.

Getting a Shield

New accounts will be automaticaly equiped with a 24 hour shield. Otherwise, the method of getting a shield is explained in this forum post by SMASH:

Note: it currently appears that only succesful attacks can trigger a shield: defends are not counted. Also, attacking a rival while the chain is building will break the chain.

Shield explanation

Tutorial Guy - Keep Conquering

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