Battle Changes

All attacks and raids now cost HALF the energy!   Raid cool down is now 4 hours! SMASH Medals from raids now earn you up to 300 SMASH Medals! LEAGUES now only last 24 hours! Normal attacks will now pillage 1% of your unprotected gold, but only take 30% of uncollected gold Raid attacks pillage 4% of your unprotected gold and take 100% of uncollected gold Raid attacks summon 10x the amount of Battle Orbs  The maximum amount of building damage from raiding has gone up to 50% (this was previously 30%) The number of attacks before a shield activates is now 6 (this was previously 4)


SMASH has 'absorbed' the idea of the Cackle's Charm and renamed it SMASH'S Charm (much better, he thinks).  SMASH'S Charm provides a bonus to the Battle Orbs and Alpha Crystals dropped in battle.

September 24th Introduced the Mini Event RAID WARS This pushed players up into higher leagues, with daily rewards for leagues as opposed to a week long, rewards where, Gold, Orbs (corrospodning with your leagues) Lab Upgrade Tokens!

Stew Bunny Icon
Kilroy Icon
Beaker Icon

Orbs where to purchase the respected crate for the collected orbs, for a chance to attain an avater of each of the bosses! 

They Upgraded the mini event to RAID WARS - BLOBS STRIKE BACKBlob Crates

You need to first redeem an Orb Crate of your desired League Tier to have access to that tier's Blob Crate. 

Battle Orbs from Missions Missions drop Orbs matching your League Tier at Mission end. These Orbs are represented by the multi-colored Rainbow Orb Icon.


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