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Your City is your base of operations.

You can enter Your City via the main screen. The My City slate will show:

  • Your current City Defense Rating
  • The image of your most advanced Headquarter
  • A status bar showing how much Gold your City has generated (and can be taken via a Rival Attack)
  • Districts are damagable and unless repaired will be weaker for the next attacker.
Turrets Headquarters Resource
Turret Icon


You start with one district. You will gain additional districts as you progress in level...

Level District Unlocked Cost
1st, HQ District N/A
2nd, Central District
3rd, Downtown District
4th, Outskirts District 10,000,000 Gold

District Order During Rival Attacks

Rivals will encounter each District in reverse order.

Eg. When you attack someone with four Districts, you will encounter their Outskirts District first, then Downtown, Central, and finally their HQ District.

So whatever you have in your last district will be what other players encounter first when they attack you via a Rivals attack.

Building Prerequisites

Sometimes you may gain a Resource Building or a Defense Building from a Rival Attack. However, you will not be able to build that Building in one of your Districts until you have entered the prerequisite Zone for that Building.

Eg. Growth Facilities are a Pavlov Building, so you will not be able to build Growth Facilities in any of your Districts until you have unlocked Pavlov.

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