Lab Power Tile

Labs help power up an agent, their monsters and their city! At a cost of course!

Lab upgrades can be the difference between a win and loose, steadily upgrading to your choice / direction of play will make you stronger, your teams stronger & your city stronger!

Taking into account, all lab upgrades come with "Help Requests" This lets your faction members help add a little time boost to your upgrade, combined this usually amounts to 1/3 of time speed up!

Below you will find all the upgrade Information, Costs, Time and for those that want to, an outright cost with element ex Element X from the start of the upgrade!

Total Lab Upgrade Everything!

  • Total Combined Lab Upgrades: 739!
  • Total Time: 2,982 Days, 8 Hours
  • Total Gold Cost: 280,500,000 Gold
  • Total Material Cost: Magma Alloy 112,560 - Toxic Resin 112,560 - Sub-Zero 112,560 - Combined Species Material 246,960 - Vault Stone 12,640 - Attack Slab 12,640.
  • Total Element Ex Cost (If you choose): 18,350 Element X

Don't be scared by the figures!

A Break down of each can found on each page.


Where to Start?!

The Most Common Question when it comes to Labs & Research is: "What do I upgrade first?"

Df research rat full@2x
  • Agent Upgrades: Lab Master, why? This allows a player to run up to 5 experiments at a time, This will require 15 monsters, but you get lab materials, DNA can be sold for Dark Matter Home Screen DM, Gold Gold & Monster Experience XP!
  • Then Monsters Labs! You will most likely acquire Class materials before species, so start here, and do species for your most used monsters when you get the materials!
  • If you are a Free to Play player, and don't buy energy, then Energy Guru Energy would be a good idea, while a pricey upgrade, timed right the bonus will give an extra few revenges, to help gain that gold back!
Research Materials

Other than a couple of upgrades requiring gold Gold Most will require an additional material!

In brief material for lab upgrades can be acquired from selling monsters & running experiments, some are rare and some will amass up to the cap of 99.9k and become useless once that upgrade tree is finished, *Hint, Hint Smash* As well as several upgrades costing gold and a mix of the both!

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