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Once you have defeated Hummock in Jingo , he will appear in the Boss Zone.

Cost: 1Energy


District 1 of 2

District 2 of 2

Hints and Tips

  • Use Hummock to give newly acquired Poison Monsters XP
  • Hummock should be easy to defeat. If you have trouble defeating him, go to the World Chat and ask for help


If you destroy Hummock's City in the Boss Zone, you will be rewarded with...

  • 4,800 Gold
  • 20 XP for your character
  • 262 XP for your Monsters
  • x1 Element X


If you fail to defeat Hummock in the Boss Zone, you will gain a consolation of...

  • __ Gold
  • __ XP for your character
  • __ XP for your Monsters

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