Genesis Mutt

Rarity Legendary
Class Nuke
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High survival skills



You can obtain this monster through the following means:

  • Create a Genesis Mutt by transforming a Max level (Level 40) Alpha Mutt
    • Requires using x3 Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver Star monsters (Silver Monsters or Blobs, or a mix of both) and 800 Dark Matter Home Screen DM
Mutt Poison 5


Dark Heavy Claw II
Hacks in a line and heals 40% MAX HP
Dark Bleed II
Slashes 140% damage + inflicts 30% MAX BUILDING HP over 3 turns (reusable in 2 turns).
Dark Throw Me A Bone! II
Feasts on a lucky bone to gain 90% MAX HP + 70% speed buff for 2 turns (reusable in 5 turns).


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