Update App To New Version

Every now and then, A Thinking Ape will publish an update for the game to the Apple Store. This page attempts to document the changes to the game.

Each update must be approved by Apple; it can take Apple up to two weeks to approve a developer's App/Update.

Version 2.0

Published: Friday 15 May 2015

  • New game interface
  • New Events
    •  ??
  • New Monsters
  • Bug Fixes
    • Unknown (if you know of a bug that has been fixed in this update, please list it here)

Undocumented Changes

  • Common Monster Pack now displays the monsters acquired as a row of icons only; it no longer prompts the "new monster acquired" for each monster. Hitting "back" still returns you to the Main Screen, not the Store.


Check out our Known Bugs page for a list of all current known bugs (and possible work arounds).

  • Silent Monsters - After updating the game, Monsters ceased making any sounds when attacking, getting injured, not victory cries. Delete the App from your devise and reinstall it and your Monsters should be vocal again

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