Emblems are an image that is used to identify Factions. They are NOT unique to specific Factions, and thus multiple Factions can (and do) use the same emblem.

Emblem - Brown Leaf
Brown Leaf
Emblem - Orange Mascles
Orange Mascles
Emblem - Orange Swirl
Orange Swirl
Emblem - Orange Fess
Orange Fess
Emblem - Green Trimount
Green Trimount
Emblem - Green Triangle
Green Triangle
Emblem - Green Chevron
Green Chevrons
Emblem - Green Bird
Green Bird
Emblem - Aqua Chevron
Aqua Chevron
Emblem - Blue Fehu
Blue Fehu
Emblem - Green Broken Lozenge
Green Broken Lozenge
Emblem - Blue Inverted Chevrons
Blue Inverted Chevrons
Emblem - Blue Chevrons
Blue Chevrons
Emblem - Pink Chevron
Pink Chevron
Emblem - Green Lozenges
Green Lozenges
Emblem - Purple Triangle Roundel
Purple Triangle Roundel
Emblem - Purple Crescents
Purple Crescents
Emblem - Pink Heart
Pink Heart
Emblem - Pink Crystal
Pink Crystal
Emblem - Green Crystals
Green Crystals

Special Event Emblems

Some Emblems are only available to Factions that were active during an Event. Some of these Emblems were distributed to all Factions that were active at the time of the event, while other emblems can only be earned by competing in special event competitions.

Shark Week

All Factions were asigned to a team, which was signified by their Faction Emblem.

Sarge's Boot Camp

This Emblem was able to be earned by any Faction that completed _______.

Eartha's Secret Ops

This emblem was able to be earned by a Faction that _____________.

Francis' ????

This emblem was awarded to the Faction that earned the most Alpha Crystals for each day while the event was running.

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