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Event - Eartha's Secret Ops

Faction Missions

This Event had 11 Faction Missions. Each time your Faction completed a Mission, another one would activate.

Name Target Reward
Operation Bird Watcher 2,000 Alpha Crystals 24 Energy to all Active Agents
Operation Blow Back 2,000 Alpha Crystals Power Shard
Operation Chicken Feed 1,000 Alpha Crystals
Operation Bird Watcher 2,000 Alpha Crystals 24 Energy to all Active Agents
Operation Camp Z (Epic Mission) 4,000 Alpha Crystals Secret Agent Z avatar to 1 Agent
Opreation Camp X (Epic Mission) 4,000 Alpha Crystals Secret Agent X avatar to 1 agent Operation Sanitize 1,000 Alpha Crystals

Wining Avatars

Each time your Faction completed an Epic Faction Mission, the game would award an Event Avatar to one of the Faction's members that had been active during that mission.

ATA did not release any information as to how that Agent was selected, so it is unknown if the Agent was selected at random with all active participants having an equal chance at the award, or if players got a higher chance at being selected depending on how many attacks they made in comparison to their fellow Faction members

Winning Monsters

The contributors of this Wiki have not had any contact with a player that has won a Monster during this event. It is unknown if any players won Monsters as advertised.


Bundle - Eartha's Bundle

While this Event was active, players could purchase Eartha's Bundle, which included...

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