Down-and-Out Burger
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Element Fire
Type Resource
Zone Jingo
Levels 1 - 7
Health 188 - ???
Production 800/HR - ??? /hr
Cap 800 - ???
Build cost  ???
Total investment  ???
Fast Producer, Small Cap

This is one of the most popular Resource Buildings used by the most active/competitive players in the game.


This is a Jingo Resource Building. Jingo is the first Zone you enter when you start the game, so you can build these Resource Buildings at any time.

You can obtain this building through the following means:

  • Possible Reward when you defeat a Jingo City
  • Possible Reward when you defeat a Jingo Boss
  • Defeat a Rival that has this building in their city


Lvl Health Gold Cap Upgrade Cost Sale Price Total Investment
1 188  800 / hr 800 Gold 400 Gold 750
 / hr Gold Gold
 / hr Gold Gold
 / hr Gold Gold
 / hr Gold Gold
 / hr Gold Gold
Note: Resource Buildings do not increase your City's Defense Rating.

Hints and Tips

  • As you progress through the game, you will outgrow these buildings fairly quickly
  • Don't invest in upgrading these buildings; they will be outdated and you will replace them before you've been able to regain your investment

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