Daily Event Tile

Daily Events are a great way to earn a daily rewards while just playing the game, there are 6 different events that rotate, Gold, City, Experiments, Alpha, Creation & Feed/Transform, in that order! Each Daily comes with an avatar for coming first the day of each event, so a lot of players aim to attain all 6 in the duration of their gameplay, all information can be found in the rewards section in game, but all events come with a standard 1 - 3 tiers, with rewards increased depending on where you land, and additional rewards for those that come in the top 10.

Some Events will require using Element X BUT Most can be done by preparing, sometimes a week, and some players even push for 4-6 Months.

Gold Daily Event Tile
Create Daily Event Tile
Alpha Daily Event Tile

Build Daily Event Tile
Experiment Daily Event Tile
Feed & Transform Daily Event Tile






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