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Gold Daily Event Tile

Gold Event is one of the only events that is a pure grind, aside from the bonus from lab baron, anyone who is willing to put a bit of element ex Element X into buying energy Energycan win, level 50/60 players have won this event, but it is still a hard event to grind regardless of level.

Gold event daily is one of the only events to date that offers Ex Element X as a reward, and in an awesome 30 for tier 3, gained from just general play!

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Winning the event!

The Average score needed is around 75,000,000Gold gold taken from rivals, but the tally has been known to clock up to 200,000,000Gold but this very rare!

Element Ex Element X will be needed as you will need to buy energyEnergy to attack quickly, the trick is to get an early lead, although raiding will put your monsters in to cool downs, it grants extra gold per raid, and will help gain a good lead early on, once you have a nice lead, just spend the remainder of the time staying ahead. You can increases your gold taken with a few simple methods:

  • By league bonus, recommended legend league, as you get 100kGold bonus per attack.
  • Upgrading your gold baron tree in your agent upgrades in labs.
  • Being on at the right time, when the americans are asleep a lot of gold is left untouched and you can easily gain 200kGold on a regular attack.

Reaching Tier 3 Rewards

Tier 3 is easily reached, with out the use of Element Ex Element X, Just play normally, and remember Make full use of the revenge option, as this will net gold for minimum EnergyEnergy cost as well as the league bonus!

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