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The Experiment event is another event, that will be completed from just playing the game as you normally would. Experiments are great, they offer goldGold, experienceXP for your monsters and DMHome Screen DM in the for of DNA!

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Winning the event!

The Average score needed is 200,000 Points, but the tally has been known to clock up to 4000,000, but this very rare!

This event will cost you Element X, which is why its sometimes labeled Experiment Daily, emphasis on the "EX".

This event can be won with minimum ex spent if played with a heap of saving and preparation, but has been won by a Free To Play player. A good starting point is to save all speed ups, which are rewarded from daily events, although they come slow a few weeks of saving will net you a nice tidy amount the longer you save, the more experiments that don't require Element X, as well as starting off with around 8-10kScience Resource so you are able to run foils, as they grant 4x the amount of points!

A fair amount of P2P Players, have been using experiments to level up there monsters instead of feeding them, and can easily gain 100,000 points, so make sure you stay ahead!

Reaching Tier 3!

Tier 3 can be reached, by running normal experiments from when you wake up to when you head off to bed, an average amount in a day of this nets 30,000 points, some players save their foil experiments for this day so they can guaranteed to hit the 25, 000 point mark quickly, although this is not needed, but does grant 4x the gold, and better DNA Drops!

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