Crimson Colony: Insect Resource Building

Recommended to Skip the building of both Bronze Bronze StarBronze StarBronze StarBronze StarBronze Star & Silver Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver Star Buildings Until you have beaten cindy to unlock the Gold Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star Rated Insect Buildings, this is so you don't waste gold by having to sell the building if you want a higher gold cap further down the line!

Crimson Colony
Resource Building
RSZ6RSSTile Blueprint Zone6 Red Silver
Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver Star
Level Cap: 61 - 67
Element Fire Fire Icon BP Sale Price: 36.0k Gold
Zone: Insectivore Unlocked: Beating Cindy
Build Cost: 1,300,000 Mil Gold
Total Investment 80mil Gold
Fast Producer, Small Cap

Avatar 17147 Beating Morax Required to Build!

The Bloodshot Bunker is currently the best Fire resource building. And worth the investment. To be able to use this blueprint along with the other gold Rated Insectivore buildings you will need to beat Cindy!

You can obtain this building through the following means:

  • Possible Reward when you defeat a Insect city
  • Possible Reward when you defeat a Insect boss
  • Possible drop when you Defeat a Rival that has this building in there city
  • Possible reward in the level 90 "Fire Raid" Challenge Zone.

Level Stats

Lvl Cost Health increase Bank Increase Gold /Hr Cap Sell Value
61 1,200,000Gold Health Icon14,996 Gold Cap 2,920,000 600,000 Gold
62 334,000 Gold Health Icon15,596 Gold Cap 3,040,000 820,000 Gold
63 433,000 Gold Health Icon16,227 Gold Cap 3,160,000 1,036,500Gold
64 538,000 Gold Health Icon16,892 Gold Cap 3,280,000 1,305,500 Gold
65 648,000 Gold Health Icon17,594 Gold Cap 3,400,000 1,629,500 Gold
66 759,000 Gold Health Icon18,332 Gold Cap 3,520,000 2,009,000 Gold
67 874,000 Gold Health Icon19,112 Gold Cap 3,640,000 2,446,000 Gold

Damage on destruction

61 7498 66 9166
62 7798 67 9,556
63 8113
64 8446
65 8797

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