Creating Monster Tile
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In order for your reign of terror to succeed, you will need to create new monsters and blobs to attack cities or to feed to your other Monsters.

Some Creator comes with a percentage chance that increase with each role that is not a platinum, as soon as a platinum is rolled, the bonus resets. when the counter hits 100% + This doesn't mean there is a 100% chance to pull a platinum, it means the percentage to roll is increased, for example, the chance to roll a platinum, is set at 5% chance, a 100% chance means you have a 10% Chance to pull a platinum.

Percentages are a based on player's testing and should be used as a guideline only. Actual rates may change as the Developers tinker with the game.

Epic Creation

Monster Creator - Epic Cost: 50 Element X
Gold and Platinum Monsters
  • Gold Monster
  • Platinum Monster

All brand new players will receive a free epic roll every 24 hours, for 7 days, Older players did receive this when SMASH introduced this to the game.

Using the epic creator isn't advised by the community, the in game currency cost is to high for what the returns are, even for new players and the free Element Ex Element X, all though you can spend it here, it is better spent purchasing the Red Mogu Starter Pack.

Epic Creator gives a chance to roll a gold or platinum monster any of the monsters currently in game.

Epic Creation Chances

  • Gold StarGold Star - Mogu/Barf/Maxi/Ginsu/Grimm - 8.7%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star - Mogu/Barf/Maxi/Ginsu/Grimm - 1.0%
  • Gold StarGold Star - Mutt/Dante/Hach/Anubis - 5.8%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star - Mutt/Dante/Hach/Anubis - 0.6%
  • Gold StarGold Star - Salty/Hydra/Cragg/Norman/Bubbles/Eel/Kudzu/Pockitz - 2.9%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star - Salty/Hydra/Cragg/Norman/Bubbles/Eel/Kudzu/Pockitz - 0.3%

Due to the addition of new monsters to the game, any previous data collected here is out of date, the above is the rough estimate of the pull rate in relation to the common in game knowledge of rarity.

Blobs Only

Monster Creator - Blobs Only Single Roll: 50k Gold - Multi Roll x 12 Blobs: 500k Gold
Blobs for your monsters!
  • Grey Blobs
  • Elemental Blobs
  • Crystal Blobs

Blobs Only, the name says it all, Blobs are feed to monsters to level them up, Elemental & Crystal Blobs, and grey Blobs and are used for transforming, but while not recommended, can still be fed to your monsters.

There are two Prices for this creator, 50k Gold this is a singular roll, the more beneficial is the 500k Gold for 12 blobs for the price of 10!

Blobs Only Creation Chances

Bronze Star Ice Blob - 20.4% Bronze Star Fire Blob - 21.8% Bronze Star Poison Blob - 23.3%
Silver Star Super Ice Blob - 5.4% Silver Star Super Fire Blob - 5.5% Silver Star Super Poison Blob - 4.2%
Gold Star Ultra Ice Blob - 0.8% Gold Star Ultra Fire Blob - 0.6% Gold Star Ultra Poison Blob - 0.6%
Gold Star Crystal Blob - 1.1% Bronze StarBronze Star Super Blob - 13.0% Bronze StarBronze StarBronze Star Ultra Blob - 2.4%
Bronze StarBronze StarBronze StarBronze Star Mega Blob - 0.4% Bronze StarBronze StarBronze StarBronze StarBronze Star Supreme Blob - 0.2%

The above is the Chances given from approximatly 1,300 Rolls, Please use the above as a guide line.

Alpha Creations

Monster Creator - Alpha Single Roll: 200 Alpha Crystals
Gold & Dark Matter Blobs, Chance at Rare Monsters
  • Gold Blobs
  • Super Gold Blobs
  • Ultra Gold Blobs
  • Dark Matter Blob
  • Super Dark Matter Blob
  • Ultra DM Blobs
  • Platinum/Legendary Monster

This will consume 200 Alpha Crystals and will produce a stackable blob, which can be sold later on, or if your lucky you could roll a monster or two!

Creating Platinum or Legendary Monsters is VERY RARE. Every time ANYONE playing the game creates a Platinum or Legendary Monster using the Alpha Creator, the game will send an announcement across the player's faction chat as well as the World Chat.
Plots Button

Check out Plotscheck Youtube Channel, His 'Road to Alpha Legend' videos, shows live alpha rolls in game!

Alpha Pull Chances

  • Bronze Star Gold Blob - Sell 500k Gold - 60.2%
  • Silver Star Super Gold Blob - Sell 1M Gold - 7%
  • Gold Star Ultra Gold Blob - Sell 2M Gold - 2.4%
  • Bronze Star Dark Matter Blob - Sell 50 Home Screen DM - 26.6%
  • Silver Star Super Dark Matter Blob - Sell 100 Home Screen DM - 2.6%
  • Gold Star Ultra Dark Matter Blob - Sell 200 Home Screen DM - 0.9%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star/Leg Star2 Monsters - Very Rare Pull - 0.3%

Above is the calculation for over 1,000 Alpha Alpha Crystals Rolls, Thanks to Plotscheck

Percentages are a based on player's testing and should be used as a guideline only. Actual rates may change as the Developers tinker with the game.

Power Creations

Monster Creator - PowerStones7005 Cost: Weekdays: 100 Df resource 13 2x - Weekends: 400 Df resource 13 2x
Daily changing choice of 3 monsters chance to Gold and Platinum Monsters
  • Gold Monsters
  • Platinum Monsters

Power Creations are a 24 Hour, rotating selection of monsters, One Common, One Not so common, and one Rare, the image above, Green Cragg being one of the rarest monsters in game, Green Barf being one of the most common, and Green Dante somewhere in between. The colours rotate daily, Ice, Fire & Poison!

For an up to date power stone cycle please visit the forum, or click here (Up to date as of March 2016).

Power Stones Df resource 13 2x are earned a number of ways, and are best advised to hoard until your desired monsters are available to roll. Attaining Power stones:

  • Daily Event Rewards
  • Faction Mission / Protocol
  • Event Bundles
  • Purchasing in the store (Once every 30 day's Bundles)

The difference between the 100 Df resource 13 2x and 400 Df resource 13 2x, Weekdays are 3 monsters as above, and weekends, are 3 rare monsters, one from each element.

To view the different combination canisters click here!

Power Creation Pull Chances

100 Df resource 13 2x Chances

  • Gold StarGold Star 1st Monster - 45.0%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star 1st Monster - 5.0%
  • Gold StarGold Star 2nd Monster - 30.0%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star 2nd Monster - 3.3%
  • Gold StarGold Star 3rd Monster - 15.0%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star 3rd Monster - 1.7%

400 Df resource 13 2x

As all monsters are rare the chances for each are the same

  • Gold StarGold Star All Monsters - 30%
  • Platinum StarPlatinum Star All Monsters - 3.3%

The Chances of gaining multi star levels above the 2 star above are highly likely, this is so no two monsters rolled consecutively are exactly the same, you may roll 2 gold barfs, but one will be Gold StarGold Star and the other Gold StarGold StarGold Star. The 2star ratings above are an indication of the rarity.

Platinum Monsters

Monster Creator - Platinum Cost: 800 Home Screen DM
Requires Dark Matter
  • Platinum Creator creates platinum monsters, you have the chance to pull any of the current monsters in game at Platinum StarPlatinum Star Level.

More Data On the chances of pulling which monster will be added once collected. General way of calculating the rarity of a monster is by looking at the order monsters are in your inventory, starting from Mogu down, or here for a quick reference

This creator will be your most rolled creator! This is where your hoards of monsters will come from! Home Screen DM Dark Matter, is the prime resource in game, and if your not spending it on levelling your favourite monsters you will be spending it here!

Attaining Home Screen DM Dark Matter:

  • Flipping monsters / Selling Monsters
  • Alpha Rolling Dark Matter Blobs
  • Faction Missions
  • Daily League Rewards
  • Events, Daily & Bi-Weekly

I will tell you now, you will pull a tone of Barfs - But always see them as an easy choice to flip, so don't feel to disheartened! But when you finally roll that monster you have been aiming for, whats a few Barfs hey?

Plots Button

if you want to see some rolls in action? Check out Plotscheck Youtube Channel, His 'Dark Matter Rolls' videos!

Platinum Pull Chances

Due to the high volume of available monsters, and the inclusion of the new monsters, this data is out of date, and will need collecting again, until then this is a rough bases on the availability of each monster as opposed to colour.

Platinum StarPlatinum Star Mogu - 10% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Barf - 10% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Maximus - 10%
Platinum StarPlatinum Star Ginsu - 10% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Grimm - 10% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Mutt - 6%
Platinum StarPlatinum Star Dante - 6% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Hach - 6 % Platinum StarPlatinum Star Anubis - 6%
Platinum StarPlatinum Star Salty - 3% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Hydra - 3% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Cragg - 3%
Platinum StarPlatinum Star Norman - 3% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Bubbles - 3% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Eelectricus - 3%
Platinum StarPlatinum Star Kudzu - 3% Platinum StarPlatinum Star Pockitz - 3% ???

Mutagen Creator

Df monstercreate 8001@2x Cost: 50Element X
Ultra Monster Mutagen *This Does not give any monsters*
This Mutagen Creator Gives the player a random pull of an Ultra Mutagen, a lot like the rareness of the different monsters their mutagen follows the same pattern.
  • This mutagen when mutated to a monster, gives 10% Bonus medals.

A mutagen, requires a 5* DNA, A platinum or Legendary Monster, all of the same Species. Head over to Mutagen's for more info on how to use DNA & Mutagens.

Mutagen Creator Chances

Mutagen Chances are the same as monster pull rates, except your only pulling the 1 Mutagen for each species, scroll up to the Dark Matter Roller to get the rough statistics on the chances of pulling the Mutagen your looking for!

Removed Creators

Event Creators

During some events, certain monsters may be able to be created through a special generator.

This requires varying amounts of Element X and will create the event specific monster.

Removed Creators

Monster Creator - Common Cost: 5,000 Gold
Creates silver monsters
This was used to create silver monsters when they where available to be made within the game, they have now been removed, aside from the three silvers gained at the beginning of a brand new account.

If your interested in viewing the old stats, pull rate for this Creator they can be found in the 'about section' here

This Creator was removed, although there are still plenty of players with silver monsters hoarded in their inventory, they are fairly useless and kept for show / memorabilia. As the game was progressing and introducing new caps, silver monsters where not efficient enough to have around, and become nothing more than a feeder to monsters, a lot like that of the blobs available in the Blobs Only creator!

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