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Df full ginsu target 2x

Currently Updating this section and all sub sections, will hopefully be done soon! Any info needed, any help you may want to give, Then please feel free to contact me: General Lee

Using the different creators shown in "Create Monsters" Page, this page will give all the info needed to complete your quest of world domination.                           

==The Basics==

Each Monster comes in either Fire, Ice and Poison each with their own set of attacks and abilities. Monsters are given a Class Type, which are one of the following: 

Nuke TileSupport TileTank's Tile                    

Monsters cost Gold Gold to upgrade.                            

When upgrading monsters, monsters give Research Orbs. Research Orbs are used to monsters and city in the Labs.                            


Mogu Fire 6 Barf Ice 6 Green MaxiL
Mogu Barf Maximus

Ginsu Fire 7 Grimm Ice 6 Mutt Poison 5
Ginsu Grimm Mutt

Dante Fire 7 Hach Ice 6 Anubis Poison 6
'’Dante '’Hach '’Anubis

Salty Fire 5 Hydra Ice 7 Cragg Poison 7
Salty Hydra Cragg

Norman Fire 3 Bubbles Ice 6 Eelectricus Poison 6
Norman Bubbles Eelectricus

Df full plant r p 2@2x Df full hamster b k 2@2x Df full ooze g k 2@2x
Kudzu Pockitz Plasmire