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A Faction is an alliance of players.

Factions were introduced to the game at the conclusion of the Heart Attack event on 15 February 2015.

Some Events require membership in a Faction.

Joining a Faction

To join a Faction, tap on the Factions Icon at the bottom of the main screen. There, you will see a list of Factions that are accepting new members. Tap on a Faction to see their description and a list of Usernames that are already members of that Faction. If you like the look of that faction,tap on the green button that says, "Join".

It will then be up to the Admins of that Faction as to whether or not they accept your request to join them.

Go to the List of Factions to learn more about some of the Factions in the game, but note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the Factions in the game, just the Factions that have taken the time to make a Wiki page.

Size Limit

At present, Factions can have no more than 25 players. If a Faction already has 25 players, you cannot request to join thatFaction until one of their members leaves or is removed by an Admin. Only after this has occurred, can you request to join that Faction.

Faction Chat

Factions have a private chat that can only be seen by members of that Faction.


Each Faction has an Owner. This is usually the person that created the Faction.

In addition to the Owner, Factions can have several Admins. Admins have the ability to accept or reject membership requests.


Factions are ranked according to the total amount of SMASH Medals that belong to all members of that Faction.

Faction Creation

It costs 50 Element X to create a new Faction. People that create a Faction will be marked as the Owner of a Faction.

When Creating a Faction, you must select:

  • Tag  - minimum of 2 letters or numbers. This will appear in square brackets before all member's names when they post in the World Chat, your Faction Chat and/or when they message other players on their Walls
  • Name
  • Emblem


Full article: Emblems

During some Events, Faction Emblems change to signify which team members of that Faction belong to. Some Special Events allow Factions to win the ability to use special Emblems that are unque to that Event.