Ugly Sweater Brigade

Condors Vs Ravens

Events are an array of periodic themed promotions organized by SMASH. Event specifics vary greatly, from team based events (Heart Attack) to solo leaderboard events (Holiday Event 2014). The duration of these events has ranged from a few days (Satly: The Revenge) to several weeks (Hydra Events 2015).

Many events coincide with the release of special monster creators (Hydra Creator, Salty Creator, Holiday Monster Creator, etc).

During the time of the event, participants compete individually or in teams for prizes, usually in the form of GoldDark Matter, exclusive avatars, or even monsters.

Daily Events

A Smashing Birthday

Raid Wars

Terrifying and amazing... Cragg!



2015 Event's

Agents Of T.I.M.E - December 2015

2016 Event's

  • Empire Strikes Bark - January 2016  
  • A Night In Clew Manor - January 2016  
  • Love Element X 2nd Valentines Event - February 2016  
  • Agents Of Change Event - February 2016  
  • Invasive Species - Enter Kudzu Event - March 2016  
  • Sphere Itself - Enter Pockitz Event - March 2016  
  • Slime & Punishment - Enter Plasmire Event - April 2016  
  • Fist Of Smash Event - April 2016