Defences are a type of Building that will attack Monsters that are attacking Your City.

Like Monsters and and other types of Buildings, they each have an element (Fire, Poison, or Ice) and will be strong or weak when attacking, or being attacked by, Monsters of corresponding elements.

Each Element, has its own monster status effect, turrets lasting one monster turn, and a hit from a HQ lasts up to 4 turns.

Defences have three Stats:

  • Health
  • Attack
  • Speed

Health and Attack will increase each time you upgrade your Defense. Speed is static and will not change when you upgrade the defense.

Your first set of zone blueprints will more than likely come from Conquer mode, others way of acquiring blueprints are:

  • Challenge Mode
  • Conquer Mode Pilliage
  • Rival Battles

Players are able to collect Blueprints and bulk sell, HQ are a rare drop, but have a high value selling price.

Zone 1 - Jingo

Ice Blaster III - Blueprints.png

Zone 2 - Grimalkins

Fire Inferno II - Blueprints Ice Bomber I - Blueprints


Blueprint 18131

Zone 3 - Geneva

Zone 4 - Pavlov

Zone 5 - Reptilla

Zone 6 - Insectivora

Df blueprint 18533@2xDf blueprint 18523@2xDf blueprint 18522@2xDf blueprint 18521@2x

Df blueprint 18531@2xDf blueprint 18503@2xDf blueprint 18502@2xDf blueprint 18501@2x

Df blueprint 18532@2xDf blueprint 18513@2xDf blueprint 18512@2xDf blueprint 18511@2x

Your first Blueprints for insect will most likely come from beating conquer mode:

  • Tetchy Drops Red Headquarters Blueprint
  • Morax Drops Green Headquarters Blueprint
  • Cindy Blue Blue Headquarters Blueprint

Bronze Turrets are able to be built after defeating Tetchy, Silver after beating Morax and Currently the Strongest turrets in game, Cindy Turrets, become able to be built after beating Cindy.

List of Defenses

Blue Print Name Zone Element Levels Speed Health Attack Status Effects
Fire Inferno II - Blueprints
Fire Inferno II Jingo
Fire Icon
11 - 17 8 692 - Unknown 83 - Unknown
Damage Over Time
Damage Over Time
Ice Beam II Pavlov
Ice Icon
31 - 37 8 3504 - highest 421 - highest
Ice Blaster III - Blueprints
Ice Blaster III Jingo
Ice Icon
1 - 10 8 375 - 581 45 - 70
Ice Bomber I - Blueprints
Ice Bomber I Jingo
Ice Icon
lowest - highest Unknown lowest - highest lowest - highest
Venom Gunner II [[]]
Poison Icon
21 - 27 8 1556 - 2318 187 - 278