A few Tips for the new players!

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All new players should make sure they first read through

Help, this is a great starting point with a wealth of knowledge

and covers all the basics any player would need to get started!

Look for the Question mark in the top right of your home screen

- Once you have read that, head back here for the rest!

The Monsters you want to aim for from the beginning is PLATINUM Monsters.

When Rolling Monsters, The Common/Rare/Ultra Rare, are a reflection of the monsters Star Rating, Gold, Platinum or Legendary, this doesn't represent the availability of that monster.

When Asking about a monster, players will abbreviate monsters, to Include, The Star Level, The Colour (Element) & The Species, example:

  • "Platinum Star, Fire, Rancid Barf" : PRBarf, Platinum Red Barf
  • "Gold Star, Ice, Blade Ginsu" : GBGinsu, Gold Blue Ginsu
  • "Legendary, Poison, Basalt Cragg" : LGCragg, Legendary Green Cragg

You will be given a silver monster or two to kick start the game, If you decide to feed to another monster or sell, be advised there is an in game achievement, to get one of these to 5 Stars, i would make sure to keep one, at least for this, currently be gifted at the start of the game is the only way to earn them.

Creating Monsters

Hit the pink CREAT A MONSTER Vial Found in the bottom centre of the home screen

This will show a few different generators

Epic Monsters:- This is Creator paid for by Element X Element X, This is rolls Gold Monsters & Platinum Monsters.

Blobs Only:- This Rolls BLOBS ONLY, these are used for levelling monsters, and transforming.

Alpha Creations:- Alpha is earned in battles, Costing 200 Alpha a roll, this rolls Dark Matter Blobs, which sell for 50-200 Dark matter each, Gold Blobs, which sell between 500k - 2Mil Gold Gold & and on the very rare occasion a platinum, or legendary monster.

Power Creations:- This Rolls Golds or Platinum monsters, If you have enough Power Stones (which are earnt in game, faction mission rewards) , you will roll one of the 3 monsters displayed in the image, weekends have 3 rare monsters from each element, this lasts 48 Hours, weekdays, are 3 monsters of the same element, This rotates every 24Hours, This has the same odds as the epic monster creator.

Platinum Monsters:- Dark Matter is earned from selling monsters & DNA, different rewards in game, and from selling Dark Matter Blobs from the Alpha Creator, this rolls one of the 45 monsters in game, for a cost of 800 DM.

Mutagen Creator:- As a new player rolling this is not advised, this is for players who are further into the game, an explanation can be found below as to what is a mutagen, what it does and how to use it.

Leveling Monsters

You are able to level up your monsters in battles, you earn XP from either winning and a smaller amount for loosing, from putting your monsters into lab experiments, as a new player don't worry to much about this, until you have got to grips with the simpler parts of the game, and the third way of levelling is by feeding blobs to your monsters which you roll in the blob creator.

Bottom Right of your screen, there is button to head into your monsters screen, this displays, your monsters, blobs, DNA & Mutagens, if you have rolled it, its here!

Feeding Your Monsters: You are able to feed monsters to your monsters, but this isn't advised, use blobs that you have rolled from the BLOB ONLY creator, feeding the same colour element blobs as your monster will grant maximum XP, and will level them up quicker.

To feed blobs it will cost gold, the price per blob fed increases as the monster hits different star levels.

-Try Not to feed monsters to monsters

Transforming Monsters

Your Monster will cap at every 10 levels, this means its time to transform your monster to the next star level!

Silver Monsters can not be transformed after that hit level 40, or 5 Silver Stars.

Gold Monsters can be transformed in to platinums, while its possible its not recommended, the amount of Gold Gold Required is to high for what you will gain.

Platinum monsters, once they are leveled to 40, they can be transformed in to legendary monsters<- This is your aim, the stronger the monster you have the further you can go! The cost to upgrade from platinum to legend, is 3 x 5* Grey Blobs, one Level 40 Platinum Monster (The one you want to leg) & 800 Dark Matter

At each cap of each star level you will need to feed Grey Blobs to the monster of choice.

Grey Blobs are found in your monster inventory, and will also need upgrading to be used as a transform ingredient, if your monster is ready to go to 4 Star Level, you will Need to have 3 Gold Blobs at 3 Star Level, plus the upgrade cost to perform the transform.

DNA & Mutagens

Mutagens, at this early in the game are nothing to worry about, if you do happen to acquire a mutagen, don't sell it, the value they sell at os not worth selling for, your better of keeping it incase you ever need it.

DNA, at your level DNA is a great way to earn Dark Matter, you will need four of each DNA at each level to progress to the next, the most profitable and efficient way to sell DNA is upgrading them to 3* and selling them for 100 Dark Matter, after level 3, the expense is to much for what you get in return,

Sum up DNA & Mutagens, Monsters can be transformed into ULTRA monsters, when transformed alongside the matching mutagen and a 5* DNA vial, this is not advised to be doing so earl in the game, take the Dark Matter.

At the moment, the mutagens available are only for increased medals in battle, don't worry about medals at this level, they are irrelevant, and will most likely stay like that till you get really into the game.


This Was a quick Type up, any questions, please below, if you want extra information added let me know, if i missed anything let me know!

Hoping to see you all in game, welcome to what could possibly be the best game out there!

General Lee

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