Alpha Crystals
Alpha Crystals are obtained by competing in 
Rival Battles.  They are used in the Alpha Creator.

When someone in a Faction obtains a Power Shard, all members of that Faction will gain double Alpha Crystals for one hour (60 minutes).

The amound of Alph Crystals you will receive from a Rival Battle is determined by the amount of Energy Spent on Rivals / Revenge battles, Not including Raids with different values depending on players medals

Target Player Base Reward Power Shard
1 District x - y Alpha Crystals
2 Districts x - y Alpha Crystals
3 Districts x - y Alpha Crystals
4 Districts x - y Alpha Crystals

If you attack someone via their Profile Page, you will not gain any more Alpha Crystals than if you had attaked them via the Rivals interface. 

Revenge Attacks

Successful Revenge Attacks will reward you with 2 - 4 Alpha Crystals, regardless of how many districts the target player has. These rewards are increased to 4 - 8 Alpha Crystals if your Faction has an Active Power Shard when you complete your attack.

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