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The first ever! Smash's BIRTHDAY EVENT!!

COINS! Piñatas! & PRIZES!

The Event

The first ever smashing birthday is here!

The idea of this event was to collect pinatas coins, to buy a pinate bundle, to earn pig coins to boost the league specific coin reward, to then buy a league bundle.... confusing? yes just a little!

The Resources

This are the event exclusive additions that may pop up, either in name below, in game, or even other areas of the wiki.




Df resource 14 2x
Burgeoning Coin Pigs

(Pig Coins)

Df resource 22 2x
Gold League Coins
Df resource 11 2x
Piñata Coins
Df resource 23 2x
Platinum League Coins
Df resource 15 2x
Common League coins
Df resource 24 2x
Legendary League Coins

Lets start with faction missions!

Faction Missions, every faction would have missions running, a plat or if lucky, a legend mission, and in between a standard mission.

Mission Contribution Epic Reward
Smash's Pre-Party 8 Energy Energy
There & Parcel Again
Df avatar 17346@2x
200 Piñata coins, 300 DM Parcel, 25 power stones, 300 Dark matter
Df avatar 17343 2x
200 pinatta coins, 450 Alpha Parcel, 25 power stones, 450 Alpha
Df avatar 17345 2x
200 piñata coins, 2mil Gold Parcel, 25 power stones 2mil gold

Each faction mission requires players to reach 3,000 alpha, then will move on to smash's pre party, and then it will be able to be upgraded to one of the above randomly, with contribution reward capped at 15%, which would be the above values, the receiver of the totally random epic reward, will get double the contribution reward, 25 power stones and a Parcel, The parcel will be collected by the player, and it will deem if you are worthy, if you are not it will be passed on to the next player, leaving a small reward of Piñata Coins, The parcel will pass round the faction members, to know who has the parcel, these players are given non permanent Avatars, which would override their current until they pass it on.

Df avatar 17343 2x
Df avatar 17344@2x
Df avatar 17345 2x
Df avatar 17346@2x

Each ring colour gives an indication of what level of reward, a random amount of pig coins, an avatar, a random amount of piñata coins and some other random values of either, Gold Gold, Power Stones, Dark MatterHome Screen DM or Alpha.

Three birthday themed monster avatars where introduced as well, this where rewarded at random by who ever was deemed worthy of the parcel.

Df avatar 17340@2x
Df avatar 17341 2x
Df avatar 17342@2x

Pig Coins

These are another collectable, which are randomly rewarded from the parcel, and can also be brought with piñata coins via the piñata bundle in the store along side other resources, such as alpha, power stones, dark matter, etc.

Each Pig grants 10% Reward bonus to leave specific coins.

For example, an owner of 140 Pigs, who is in the Plat 3, if they are above a certain rank in their final league rank, will be granted 1,400% Increase, Given 300 total Platinum Coins, The league coins would then be used to purchase the league specific bundle, this would slowly work towards attaining the league avatars for this event, as well as other resource rewards in between.

Common Gold Platinum Legendary
Df avatar 17324@2x
Df avatar 17325 2x
Df avatar 17326@2x
Df avatar 17327 2x
Df avatar 17328@2x
Df avatar 17329 2x
Df avatar 17330@2x
Df avatar 17331 2x
Df avatar 17336@2x
Df avatar 17337 2x
Df avatar 17338@2x
Df avatar 17339 2x
Df avatar 17332@2x
Df avatar 17333 2x
Df avatar 17334@2x
Df avatar 17335 2x

Exclusive VIP achievement!

Upon release smash did not do the 365 day achievement, they did 350, this was so all players who played in the first two weeks of release where able to gain the full benefit of this achievement!

Df achievement 378@2x
This Achievement was introduced, as a second achievement to show amount of time played, but this rewarded players with Piñata coins to gain a boost in the smash birthday event, this was based on the total amount of days played in smash.

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